Read on to find out all about us and why we started this tabletop game blog…

Who are we?

Hi, we’re Justine and Scott! This is us with our beautiful Rough Collie, Kai on our wedding day many moons ago.

Justine & Scott on their wedding day

Some of you might recognise us from the couples travel blog Wanderers of the World or Justine’s craft blog and YouTube channel House of Mahalo. Those are our other loves.

When we’re not travelling or making something, we play good old-fashioned tabletop games together most evenings and even attend (and host!) game nights with our friends every few weeks.

While we’ve been playing board games and card games as a married couple for a few years now, many of the games in our collection are from Justine’s childhood. She’s been playing games since as far back as she can remember and now Scott’s also just as obsessed with them. It’s no surprise, then, that Luck & Strategy was born!

Luck & Strategy Board Games Logo

Why Luck & Strategy & what does it mean?

We love a wide range of board games and card games. But the ones with a good balance of luck and strategy are our favourites.

The luck element keeps things exciting and improves replayability, while the strategy element challenges us and our minds.

So, we wanted our website name to reflect that. Even though we’ll also talk about games that are purely luck-based or strategy-based, as well as a mixture of the two.

Who is Luck & Strategy for?

If you love playing board games, card games and other tabletop games, then we hope you’ll enjoy hanging out with us here at Luck & Strategy.

We’ll be sharing reviews of our favourite games, as well as tips and strategies (and the occasional house rule) to help make game nights even more enjoyable. And we’ll also have a bit of a rant (ahem, I mean discussion) now and again about related stuff, such as counterfeit board games and 3D printing board game accessories.

We hope you enjoy reading our articles. And, if you ever have any feedback, just comment on a blog post or email us at hello[at]