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Fancy trying something different for your next game night? Why not host your very own chocolate tasting party?!

This could be a fun addition to your regular board game night or a standalone event in itself. Here’s how to do it…

Blind Chocolate Tasting Party Game

First things first, we’ve created some free printables you can grab right now.

There’s a game mat, score sheet and example vocabulary you can use to describe the chocolate. We’ve created them in three different colours: blue, pink and purple.

Free Printable Chocolate Tasting Party Game

Once you’ve downloaded and printed them out, you can get straight into setting up the game and eating chocolate. Sound good?

Just fill in your details via this link or the box below and you’ll have your printables within minutes:

Don’t forget to come back to this blog post and read our instructions for how to host a chocolate tasting party with your friends or for a fun date night.

How To Host A Chocolate Tasting Party

What you’ll need:

  • Our free printables (or you can make your own)
  • Pens and blindfolds (1 for each player)
  • 5 different types of chocolate
  • Music and decorations (optional)

Step 1. Set up the game.

Give each player a blindfold, pen, game mat and score sheet and place the example words sheet in the middle where everyone can see it. Alternatively, you can give an individual vocabulary sheet to each player if you wish.

Ask everyone to put their blindfolds on and put a piece of chocolate in the first box on each of their game mats. Make sure you give everyone the same piece of chocolate. You can use your game mat to record what order you do the chocolate in. But don’t let anyone see it!

Blind Chocolate Tasting Party Game (Free Printable)

Step 2. Try blind chocolate tasting.

The first part of the game is a blind chocolate tasting. Ask everyone to pick up the first piece of chocolate and take turns describing its smell, taste, texture and anything else worth mentioning. Can anyone already guess what the chocolate is or where it was made?

Step 3. Try another chocolate tasting.

This part of the game is judged without blindfolds. Put another piece of the same chocolate back on their game mats and ask them to remove their blindfolds. Take turns describing the chocolate’s appearance and then taste it again. Did anyone’s answers change now that they’ve seen the chocolate?

Step 4. Score the chocolate.

Once the first tasting is over, ask everyone to write down scores of 1-5 (with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best) for the first chocolate’s smell, taste, texture and look. They can use their score sheets for this part and give the chocolate a total score.

Step 5. Repeat for more types of chocolate.

Repeat the above steps for four more types of chocolate. Eventually, you would’ve eaten 10 pieces of chocolate each and declared which chocolate was the best.

Now, go play some real games! *wink*

Did you have fun hosting your very own blind chocolate tasting party? Why not share this blog post with a friend now, so they can host one too?

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