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My husband and I have always loved escape rooms. We missed them immensely during the lockdowns of 2020-2022, but we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to try a virtual escape room we’d seen others doing. You know, the ones you do via a Zoom call? They just didn’t seem hands-on enough for us.

We were looking for all the awesome experiences you get from a real escape room: finding clues, solving physical puzzles and typing in combinations to locks and safes.

So when Epic Escapes asked us to review their at-home escape rooms in exchange for a write-up (originally shared on our couples travel blog), we jumped at the chance. 

Without wanting to give you too many spoilers, here’s what we think about the games and how we got on…

Epic Escapes Unboxing

Epic Escapes unboxing

We didn’t really know what to expect from Epic Escapes, but we were delighted when we opened the box.

Inside, there were so many amazing escape room goodies – from a UV light and pen to a dictionary combination safe and a large padlock for the door. 

Epic Escapes unboxing

There are three different games inside ranging from easy to hard. They share some of the same components, but they all have their own clues and puzzles to decipher.

Each game has its own storyline and theme and even has hint cards just in case someone is stuck on how to complete the game or individual puzzles.

Setting Up The Games

Playing the easy escape room game at home

Scott and I have played two of the games so far. We each took turns to set up a game and play it. We’re saving the third (and hardest) game for one of our upcoming game nights with friends.

Believe it or not, setting up the game is oodles of fun in itself. You’ll have so much fun hiding the clues, and when it comes time for your friends or other half to play, you’ll feel all-knowing!

Although I was setting up the easiest game for Scott, I didn’t go easy on him all the time. I hid one of the clues inside the back of a picture frame on the windowsill (sneaky, sneaky, I know!) and I hid another clue on the inside of a lampshade, which took him quite a while to find!

Where I hid one of the escape room clues

For most other clues, I went a bit easier on him. But what made me laugh most was when he opened up our ottoman but didn’t recognise the dictionary safe we’d been given! He thought it was just an ordinary dictionary, even though we don’t own one! Thankfully, he went back to inspect the ottoman later on.

Scott looking for the escape room dictionary safe

Playing The Games

I really love these escape rooms in a box because they have all the genuine elements of an escape room that you’ll love like solving puzzles, riddles, and combination locks.

Scott solving his at home escape room

Scott finished the easy game with six minutes to spare and I completed the intermediate game with just under five minutes to spare, although I did need a couple of hints along the way!

There’s a slight chance I may have messed up when setting up Scott’s game as one of the clues didn’t seem to match what the solution booklet was telling me. But with a few extra hints, Scott solved his game just fine.

The Verdict

Epic Escapes review

So, would we recommend this at-home escape room kit from Epic Escapes? 100% yes! 

We were blown away with everything that came in the box and at roughly £30 per game (£99 in total for the whole box), it’s not so different from what you’d spend on the real thing.

Even though we can do escape rooms in person again, there’s something really unique about being able to do something this involved at home. 

You can get as many people as you like involved (providing there’s enough room for you all!). Throw in a few drinks and some snacks and you have a great excuse for some kind of escape room party!

Sound good? You can check out the Epic Escapes box here.

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