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So, you’ve tried all the “recipes” in Exploding Kittens Recipes For Disaster. You’ve tried all the ones shared online already. Maybe you’ve even created some of your own recipes.

Fancy trying some more? Read on for the recipes we’ve recently created and tried and tested. We think you’ll enjoy these!

Top Tip: The following recipes are best played one after the other for easier setup and quickfire gameplay. Brace yourselves for the carnage that’s likely to ensue!

Recipe #1. Fortune’s Folly

A game of chance and playful foolishness.

This recipe is like a “lucky dip” – potentially leading to unpredictable chaos. Close your eyes and randomly select six packs of Action Cards from the box. You’ll use all of these cards plus some Exploding Kitten and Defuse cards. Yep, with this one, you’ll be at the mercy of luck – especially if one of you turns the box while the other draws cards to help make it even more random.


  • Exploding Kitten – # of players
  • Defuse – 1 more than # of players
  • 6 packs of Action Cards (randomly drawn while blindfolded); play with all the cards


  • Close your eyes and randomly select 6 packs of Action Cards.
  • Shuffle all the cards together and add a Defuse card to the deck.
  • Deal 6 cards to each player plus 1 Defuse card each.
  • Shuffle the Exploding Kittens cards into the deck.
  • Let the folly begin!

Note: When we tried this one the first time, we ended up with quite a few future-based cards such as See the Future, Alter the Future and Share the Future as well as some random ones like Bury, Swap Top & Bottom and Garbage Collection. It was fun!

Fortune's Folly Exploding Kittens Recipe
Our “Fortune’s Folly” recipe is like a lucky dip with the Exploding Kittens cards

Recipe #2. Kitty Carnage

Where chaos reigns and mercy won’t save you.

I imagine some of you would’ve played this recipe before where you use every single card in the box. Yep, all 121 of them! There’s no selecting a specific amount of Exploding Kitten, Imploding Kitten or Defuse cards, either. This usually results in absolute carnage!



  • Give 1 Defuse card to each player. (You’re probably going to need it!)
  • Shuffle the remaining cards together except for the Exploding Kitten and Imploding Kitten cards.
  • Deal 6 cards to each player.
  • Shuffle the Exploding Kitten and Imploding Kitten cards into the deck. Yep, all of them!
  • Let the carnage commence!

With this one, just two of us were playing and I pulled the Catomic Bomb card. Before we knew it, I was placing all 6 Exploding Kitten cards on the top of the deck. What ensued was a quickfire battle of who had the best and most Action Cards to avoid picking up an Exploding Kitten. Absolute carnage.

Kitty Carnage Exploding Kittens Recipe
Our “Kitty Carnage” recipe uses ALL the cards

Recipe #3. Scraps of Carnage

Leftovers have never been this chaotic!

This final recipe is like a combination of the two previously mentioned. We think it’s best played immediately following “Kitty Carnage” where you grab a random third of the shuffled deck from before and play with that. No checking how many Exploding or Imploding Kitten cards are in there although you can include some if you’re worried you haven’t drawn any. Basically, you end up with a lucky dip deck plus plenty of carnage from the sheer number of Action Cards and Exploding / Imploding Kitten cards you’re likely playing with.


  • Approx. one-third of the shuffled deck, which contains all 121 cards (no peeking at what leftovers you’ve got!)
  • Exploding Kitten – # of players plus 1 extra
  • Defuse – # of players
  • Imploding Kitten – # of players (Optional)


  • Give 1 Defuse card to each player. (You’re probably going to need it!)
  • Shuffle all the remaining cards together and deal 6 to each player. (If someone gets an Exploding or Imploding Kitten card at this point, just replace them with other cards randomly drawn from the deck).
  • Shuffle the Exploding Kitten and Imploding Kitten cards into the deck.
  • Enjoy tucking into your leftovers!

When we tried this one, we ended up with a fun mix of random Action Cards, Cat Cards and several Exploding Kitten cards. We love the unpredictability and relatively quick setup for this one.

Scraps of Carnage Exploding Kittens Recipe
Our “Scraps of Carnage” recipe uses leftovers from the previous recipe

More Ideas For Changing The Exploding Kitten Rules

If you liked our “recipes”, maybe you’ll also like some of these ideas, which help to change up any Exploding Kitten game:

  • Play with fewer Defuse cards.
  • Don’t give anyone Defuse cards at the start.
  • Play with extra Exploding Kitten and/or Imploding Kitten cards.
  • Don’t forget to use the Special Combos mentioned in the rulebook!

You can even play classic card games using Exploding Kittens cards. We’ve shared some ideas here if you want to try this out.

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And if you try them out, we’d love to know what you think and what cards you ended up playing with. Just drop us a line in the comments section below…

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